SAS at a Glance

Despite the pandemic, the School managed to organise over 1500 events, 45% of which were joint ventures. The School events footfall was high with over 60,000 attendees.

In 2019-20 SAS recorded over 195 publications produced by staff adn research fellows. A larer number of these publications were Open Access, an average of 39%

The School submitted or contributed to grant applications worth nearly £20 million.

The School holds 32 collections (including those archived) on the University of London ITunesU platform, which contains over 1,500 podcasts. In 2019-20, the Institute of English Studies Collection was the most popular, with 1,388 downloads. Top episodes included the Institute of Classical Studies’ lecture with the British School at Athens: Pella. The Great Capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, with nearly 900 downloads.

The PTES 2020 report showed 84% of SAS respondents were overall satisfied with the quality of the course. 5% more than the national average.



The School produces statistics on an annual basis as part of the requirement to report its performance to the Strategic Advisory Group, the School Board, and the University of London.