The academic job interview: presentations

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a PORT for Modern Languages

The academic job interview: presentations

Dealing with presentation-based interview exercises.

These video clips were produced in 2008 to offer advice and guidance to research students approaching their PhD viva or preparing for post-doctoral job interviews in academia and beyond. The aim is to provide input from both sides of the table: they feature viva examiners, supervisors and experienced interviewers as well as those who have recently got their PhDs. If you are looking for general advice in dealing with an interdisciplinary topic, approaching your viva or life after the PhD, these clips can help guide you through the planning and processes.

These videos were created by the Institute of Modern Languages Research (School of Advanced Study) as part of the 'a PORT for Modern Languages' training resource. As such the videos are particularly relevant to the Modern Languages disciplines, but will also be of use to humanities students more generally.

The resources can be found at PORT (

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