Raul Castro's Cuba: Evaluating The Reforms

Our expert panel will discuss the social and economic reforms that have been introduced by Cuba's president Raul Castro. How effective have these reforms been, what obstacles have they faced, and to what extent will they enable Cuba to overcome their social and economic problems? The issue of the country's dual currency will also be closely looked at - why it has to be changed and what could replace it. Copies of Latin American Newsletter's 'white paper' on currency reform options as well as the Caribbean Council's Cuba Briefing publication will be available at the event.

In collaboration with Canning House

Institute of Latin American Studies
Dr Emily Morris, Research Associate and Lecturer in Economic Development of Latin America and the Caribbean at UCL; Professor Antoni Kapcia, Professor of Latin American History at the University of Nottingham; and David Jessop, Managing Director of the Caribbean Council and the Director of Britain's Cuba Initiative.
Event date: 
Thursday, 7 November 2013 - 12:00am
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