SAS has now completed the migration of it's podcasts to a new platform: University of London Panopto.

You can directly access and browse any content that is publicly listed by accessing the following link: Everything: Panopto.

Acessing Content
  • On the homepage you can brwose all content by selecting browse on the lefthand side and navigate the dropdown folder to access content which is organsied via Institution.
  • Once you have found the folder of the Instituion from which you wish to watch content, simply click on any of the video titles to begin playing them.

Panopto Folder Content











How to Subscribe to an Instituions Content

  • If you wish to be notified of any new content that is uploaded to an institutions Panopto folder then you can subscribe via iTunes or RSS.
  • This is very easily done by clicking the “Wi-Fi” type symbol in the top right hand corner of the page, within the folder of the institution, as shown below.

Subscribe to Panopto Content









  • Upon selecting one of the four listed choices your iTunes or RSS feed reader should pick up and register information being sent across by Panopto. If you encounter any issues here please ensure you have a working RSS feed reader. Some internet browsers will have one built in. If they do not you will see an error message.

If you have any problems contecting to the new SAS podcasting platform, please contact the SAS Events Office for assistance.