Ways of seeing law: What can art history tell lawyers about their discipline?

Lawyers love the word.  When we teach our students it is primarily through the lens of written judgements and textual analysis.  Engagements between law and  art tend to focus on the ways in which authoritative legal texts facilitate the commodification of creativity or seek to impose discipline on the sensual realm.  This paper will focus on the implications of us moving beyond the law of art to the more complex territory of law and art. In doing so it will explore the value of the image as a source of information about law and legal phenomena which is otherwise lacking or marginalised in the legal canon.

John Coffin Memorial Lecture 

Chair: Professor Michelle O'Malley (Professor of the History of Art and Deputy Director, The Warburg Institute), Speaker: Professor Linda Mulcahy (Department of Law, LSE)
Event date: 
Monday, 24 April 2017 - 5:30pm
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