THE DIRECTOR’S SEMINAR SERIES Law And Humanities in a Pandemic: Gendering the Pandemic

Women, Violence and Protest in Times of COVID-19
Dr Kim Barker, The Open University
Dr Olga Jurasz, The Open University

COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of women’s rights protection. Whilst the predominant focus has fallen on the reporting of domestic violence, there are ‘untold’ narratives about how laws and regulations are used to further restrict women’s rights in times of pandemic; the role and remit of emergency legislative measures; women’s activism – including online protest - to protect their rights in times of pandemic; and the role of women politicians in raising these issues. This contribution explores the ‘untold story’ of the gendered dimension of COVID-19, with a particular focus on women’s activism online and the backlash suffered as a result.

Law’s Invisible Women: The Unintended Gendered Consequences of the COVID-19 Lockdown
Dr Lynsey Mitchell
, University of Abertay 
Dr Michelle Weldon-Johns, University of Abertay

This paper examines the unintended gendered consequences of lockdown on women’s rights, particularly those related to women’s health and wellbeing. Situating this assessment within wider feminist legal scholarship, which exposes the gendered nature of law and the tendency to legislate in a way that prioritises a privileged male legal subject, we argue that the legislation and guidance fail to centre women’s lived experiences and so deprioritise women’s needs. We ultimately argue that lessons need to be learned regarding how future emergency responses are implemented to mitigate the impacts on women and ensure gender is mainstreamed within the law-making process. 

THE DIRECTOR’S SEMINAR SERIES Law And Humanities in a Pandemic Full Programme

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Dr Kim Barker (The Open University), Dr Olga Jurasz (The Open University), Dr Lynsey Mitchell (Abertay University), Dr Michelle Weldon-Johns (University of Abertay). Chair: Professor Carl Stychin, IALS Director
Event date: 
Wednesday, 21 April 2021 - 3:00pm