Exploring ICwS online resources (II): British Documents on the End of Empire Project

In the second in a series of online seminars exploring the digital research materials provided by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, this event will discuss the British Documents on the End of Empire Project (BDEEP) series of volumes, produced by the ICwS from 1987 and now available in digital form on the Institute's website.

Some of the editors of the original volumes including Prof Richard Rathbone (Ghana), Prof A J Stockwell (Malaya and Malaysia), Prof David Killingray (the West Indies), Prof Sarah Stockwell and Prof Philip Murphy (Central Africa) will discuss the project with Dr Mandy Banton (a former Principal Records Specialist (Diplomatic and Colonial) at the National Archives of the UK (TNA).

Participants were provided with an overview of the BDEEP. They learnt more about how the research was carried out and about some of the key insights provided by the volumes. The seminar examined the advantages and drawbacks of working from official UK papers, and will discuss what subsequent document releases have added to our understanding of British decolonization.

Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Prof Richard Rathbone, Prof A J Stockwell, Prof David Killingray, Prof Sarah Stockwell, Prof Philip Murphy and Dr Mandy Barton
Event date: 
Tuesday, 16 February 2021 - 4:00pm