Deep Decolonisation - Panel 1 - James Sanders

Institute of Latin American Studies

Deep Decolonisation: Latin America and the Connected Histories of the Post Colonial World

Panel 1: Decolonising Luso-Hispanic Empire

Chair: Catherine Davies | IMLR-SAS

James Sanders | Utah State University
Decolonising Europe

DEEP DECOLONISATION will reconsider the key historical role of Latin America in the connected making of the contemporary postcolonial world. Although Latin America was a vanguard of global decolonisation in the modern age, this deep historical fact is ignored or downplayed in the Anglophone world, where decolonisation is provincially understood to be a post-war, twentieth-century phenomenon. Our collective conference task is to map not only the ways and means by which Latin American and Caribbean decolonisation was critical to the making of the contemporary world, but also to ask why the region’s critical place in global history has been denied. Besides putting Latin America and the Iberian world back on the global map of decolonisation, we also seek to go beyond the academic and ideological trenches dug in recent years by the bearers of ‘anti-colonial,’ ‘postcolonial,’ and ‘decolonial’ banners, theories, and critical positions. We suspect that a retrospective and ecumenical encounter with the different but connected histories of decolonization will enable such a going beyond, in part because its vicissitudes anticipated the contours of current debates.

Co-sponsored by Institute of Latin American Studies, Centre for Postcolonial Studies, Institute of Commonwealth Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages Research, with support from the Cassal Trust and the John Coffin Memorial Trust.

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Chair: Catherine Davies (IMLR-SAS), James Sanders (Utah State University)
Event date: 
Thursday, 17 March 2016 - 12:00am
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