Teaching Digital Approaches to Cultural Heritage as an International Collaboration

For the past several years I have been teaching two modules on digital approaches to the ancient world for SAS students and the London intercollegiate classics MA programme. One of these modules focuses on text and language (“Classics” proper) and the other on Cultural Heritage, a mix of imaging, geographical information, and other approaches to the study of historical material culture. This second module, which is titled “Digital Approaches to Cultural Heritage,” uses the collaborative and international Sunoikisis Digital Classics programme, which enables us to bring a range of perspectives and expertise into both the design and the delivery of content. This presentation will discuss the mix of technical, practical, and theoretical approaches that students engage with in this programme, and the invaluable contributions from scholars and practitioners in archaeology, heritage institutions, art law and other fields, that have brought to the syllabus topics around intellectual property, ethics, questions of representation, cultural norms and sensitivities, and debates around restitution and repatriation of heritage in the digital realm.

Digital Humanities Research Hub
Gabriel Bodard (SAS)
Event date: 
Thursday, 3 June 2021 - 1:00pm