Researching Social Media in the Digital Humanities

Social media research is often associated with (new) media and communications studies, which have to a large extent laid the theoretical and methodological foundations for such research. Recent years have, however, seen an increasing interest from those working within DH, as reflected in conferences and publications in the field. This is connected to the growth of the field of internet history and the consolidation of born-digital archives in the museums and heritage sector. It is also a result of the increasing need for those who study contemporary cultural practices and texts in the humanities to address the undeniable role of social media in contemporary life. While there have been attempts to explore the intersections between media studies and digital humanities (see e.g. Sayers 2020), critical questions remain about what digital humanists bring to the study of social media and how social media research connects with more established approaches within DH. Including short presentations on current social media research in DH, this seminar will invite discussion on these ongoing questions concerning the role of social media research in the field.

Digital Humanities Research Hub
Naomi Wells (SAS), Rhiannon Lewis (SAS) & Nayana Dhavan (KCL).
Event date: 
Tuesday, 1 June 2021 - 1:00pm