Transnationalising the Word: A Decolonising Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Modern Languages

Languages and Cultures in the Classroom
Chair: Liz Wren-Owens (Cardiff)

Danping Wang (Auckland): 'Decolonising the Chinese Curriculum: Indigenous Epistemology and Translanguaging'
Alexandra Lourenço Dias (King’s College London): 'Decolonised Dictionary of the Portuguese Language: Pedagogical Practice in the Classroom'
Cecilia Piantanida (Durham): 'Hybridity and Transnationalism in the Modern Language Class'
Salvatore Campisi (Manchester): 'Reflecting on and Challenging Narratives of Italy and Italian with Students'

Decentering Cultures
Chair: Cecilia Piantanida (Durham)

Derek Duncan (St Andrews) and Jenny Burns (Warwick): 'Thematic Cartographies: Transnational Modern Languages'
Ruselle Meade (Cardiff): 'Challenging Student Preconceptions of Japan through Transnational Approaches to Teaching and Learning'
Angela Viora (Monash): 'Cities, Landscapes, and Ecosystems: Exploring Contemporary Italy Through Local Responses to Global Challenges. Creativity, Interdisciplinarity, and Decolonisation'

Structures and Approaches
Chair: Marcela Cazzoli (Durham)

Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação (Cambridge): 'Decolonising Portuguese Language Classes'
Craig Neville (Cork): 'The Role of Initial Teacher Education in Decolonisation Approaches'
Francesco Ricatti (Monash): 'Developing a European Languages Major: Opportunities and Challenges'
Miriam Hauck, Korina Giaxoglou, Mara Fuertes-Gutierrez (Open University): 'Decolonising the Languages and Applied Linguistics Curriculum in Distance Learning Education'

Learning In and Beyond the Classroom
Chair: Ruselle Meade (Cardiff)

Marta Milani (Clinamen): 'Decolonising the Language-Learning Experience: Equal Language in an Open Space'
Lisa Panford (St Mary's University and Greenford High School) and Melina Irvine (St Bernadette Catholic School): 'What Does an Anti-racist, Decolonised MFL curriculum Look Like?'
Suzi Bewell (Polly Glot Languages): 'Passport to the World: Decolonising the Curriculum in MFL' 

Marcela Cazzoli (Durham): Closing Reflections

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Event date: 
Friday, 2 July 2021 - 9:15am