Stuart Hood: Twentieth-Century Partisan

This is a discussion of the life and work of Stuart Hood (1915-2011). Highlighting Hood’s experiences fighting with the Italian Resistance in the Second World War, contributors discuss Hood’s multi-faceted post-war achievements: as a broadcaster who presided over a period of unprecedented creativity at the BBC; as one of the founding figures of media studies; as the translator of over 40 works from Italian, German, French and Russian; and as the author of the acclaimed war memoir, Pebbles from my Skull, as well as eight well-received novels.

The event concludes with the launch of the new publication, David Hutchison and David Johnson (eds), Stuart Hood: Twentieth-Century Partisan (Cambridge Scholars, 2020).

Institute of English Study
David Johnson (The Open University), David Hutchison (Glasgow Caledonian University), Terry Brotherstone (Aberdeen University), Hilary Horrocks, Nick Havely (York University), Haim Bresheeth (SOAS), Robert Lumley (University College London), Stephen Watts, Alan Riach (Glasgow University), Phil Cooke (University of Strathclyde), Anne Hood. 
Event date: 
Tuesday, 26 January 2021 - 5:30pm