A Popular European Actress in Hollywood: The Case of Franziska Gaal

Hanja Daemon will trace the transnational career of Hungarian-born actress Franziska Gaal, popular film star of the 1930s. Gaal shot to fame with her first German-language film (Paprika) made in Berlin in 1932, but on account of her Jewish heritage, she left Germany when the Nazis came to power. Her career continued in Vienna and Budapest before she relocated to Hollywood where, after appearing in nine successful German-language productions (and one in Hungarian), she starred in three Hollywood films (Cecil B. DeMille's The Buccaneer [1938], The Girl Downstairs [1938], and Paris Honeymoon [1939] in which she starred opposite Bing Crosby) . Daemon will discuss her career in the context of exile, and highlight Hollywood producers’ endeavours to convert the European star into an American one.

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Hanja Daemon
Event date: 
Wednesday, 24 February 2021 - 6:00pm