Philippe Quesne and Vivarium Studio: The Ecology of the Image

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Philippe Quesne and Vivarium Studio: The Ecology of the Image

Carl Lavery

In this paper, Carl Lavery will look at how Philippe Quesne and Vivarium Studio fashion a deliberately slow-paced, anti-heroic mode of performance - a kind of neo-absurdism - to produce ecological images. In Quesne's hand, eco-theatre is not about offering messages or trading in apocalyptic scenarios; rather, it is about transforming the whole performance space into an image that temporalizes, an image, then, that seeks to 'weather' spectators and, in the most gentle way possible, to undermine human exceptionalism.

Carl Lavery is professor of theatre at the University of Glasgow, UK. His publications include Jean Genet Politics and Performance, with Clare Finburgh (2006), Sacred Theatre (2007), Walking, Writing and Performance: Autobiographical Texts by Dee Heddon, Carl Lavery and Phil Smith (2009), The Politics of Jean Genet's Late Theatre: Spaces of Revolution (2010), Contemporary French Theatre and Performance, with Clare Finburgh (2011), Good Luck Everybody. Lone Twin: Journeys, Performances and Conversations, with David Williams (2011), he is the editor with Nick Whybrow of a special issue of Performance Research 'On Foot' (2012), and most recently of Rethinking the Theatre of the Absurd with Clare Finburgh (2015).

This is the fourth instalment of a new series on French theatre. The French Theatre seminars provide a unique space for the discussion of theatre practice in France and Francophone countries. At the crossroads of French and Theatre/Performance Studies, they explore societal, cultural and artistic issues. Invited guest speakers shed light on aspects of staging and dramaturgy, programming and cultural planning, institutional networks and ideological battles.

French Theatre seminar series

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Carl Lavery (Glasgow)
Event date: 
Tuesday, 5 April 2016 - 1:00am
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