Open for Discussion- Covid-19, International Perspectives and Transnational Collaboration

Convened by the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study
Charles Burdett, Director; Joseph Ford, Lecturer in French; and Godela Weiss-Sussex, Reader in Modern German Literature

During a ‘global’ pandemic, the capacity to learn from the experience of others and share knowledge across borders is essential. Responses to Covid-19 have varied markedly across the globe. The differences in the approaches taken are due to systemic political and economic conditions, but also to cultural and historical factors. One lesson that has emerged clearly is that only a joint transnational effort will enable us to respond efficiently and decisively to the threat of an illness that knows no borders. In this panel discussion, Humanities scholars of languages and cultures will reflect on the handling of the pandemic in their cultural/geographic area of expertise – and suggest lessons to be learned from other nations. They will then go on to explore the place of creative and cultural production in building a more transnationally interlinked post-Covid world – as well as the contributions to be made by research in the Humanities, and specifically Modern Languages.

Charles Burdett / Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR), Chairs

  • Astrid Erll (Frankfurt)- Watch a short video by Astrid on this topic- available on the SAS YouTube channel.
  • Charles Forsdick (Liverpool)- Watch a short video by Charles on this topic available on the SAS YouTube channel.
  • Ignacio Peyró (Director Instituto Cervantes London and UK Coordinator. Author)- Watch a short video by Ignacio on this topic- available on the SAS YouTube channel.
  • Alejandro Arenas-Pinto (UCL)- Watch a short video by Alejandro on this topic- available on the SAS YouTube channel.
  • Nelson Mlambo (University of Namibia)- Watch a short video by Nelson on this topic- available on the SAS YouTube channel.
  • Leon Rocha (Lincoln)- Watch a short video by Leon on this topic- available on the SAS YouTube channel.

Respondent: Steven Wilson (Queens University Belfast)

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Event date: 
Thursday, 22 April 2021 - 6:00pm