Memories of Future Cities - Lawrence Goldman

Institute of Modern Languages Research

Memories of Future Cities

Looking Backward, Looking Nowhere: Edward Bellamy and William Morris on the City of the Future

Lawrence Goldman

This seed workshop aims to explore a broad range of cultures of memory and futurity constructed around the city. The city is 'a machine for thinking with, [..] an instrument for understanding the world and the human predicament in it.' (Rykwert) IT is also an ecology of memory made up of imaginary pasts, utopian futures, (re)mediated and palimpsestic memories, a node where heterogeneous cultures, the built environment, the monument and the ruin converge and overlap in unexpected an productive new manners. The urban space emerges here as an axiomatic site, a Bakhtinian chornotype where past and future are entangled and the present is characterised by dissonance, simultaneity and flow. Themes addressed by this workshop include Eco-cities and reconciliation, City and spectacle, Memory, memorialization and urban transformation, Utopian and post-utopian cities, Media, art and temporality, and the afterlife of cities.

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Professor Lawrence Goldman (IHR)
Event date: 
Monday, 6 July 2015 - 1:00am
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