London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship

Jan Rybicki: 'The Translator's Other Invisibility: Stylometry in Translation'

Mona Baker's statement on translators' styles (as 'somewhat neglected in translation studies') has always sounded as a memento for my own literary translation work and has always led to the same question: when my target-language readers pay for their Polish Golding, Gordimer, or Ishiguro, are not they swindled into only getting Rybicki (himself not a Booker Prize winner) instead? More complex issues and translatorial blunders aside, are the readers indeed getting their money's worth at least in terms of style? Is there at all a Golding style in Polish, or does it vary from translator to translator?

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Jan Rybicki
Event date: 
Thursday, 17 November 2011 - 12:00am
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