Linda Lê After the Millennium - Panel 2: Kate Averis

Institute of Modern Languages Research

Linda Lê After the Millennium

Panel 2: Gender, Genre, Self and Other/Genre, Moi et l'Autre

(In)corporeality and Gender Alterity in Les Aubes (2000) and In memoriam (2007)'

Kate Averis
(University of London in Paris)

Linda Lê has been publishing since 1987, producing a rich, varied and fascinating body of work, for which she has won prestigious literary prizes, including the Prix Renaudot Poche (2011) and the Prix Wepler (2010). With the participation of th author, this event will bring together leading international academics specialising in the work of this important, prolific Goncourt-nominated author, whose writing demands serious critical attention. Combining traditional panels of themed papers with a more discursive workshop format and a reading by the author, the day will be a unique exchange of research and ideas. While Lê's writing is regularly the subject of academic studies, much of her more recent work, particularly those novels published since 'Les Aubes' (2000), is yet to be widely published on, and the focus of the Study Day will therefore be on these later works, with a view to producing a collected volume for publication.

This event is supported by the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (IMLR), the University of London Cassal Trust and the Department of French at King’s College London

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Kate Averis (University of London in Paris)
Event date: 
Friday, 17 June 2016 - 1:00am
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