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Language, Literacy, Literature & the Mind

The Voices in our Heads

Charles Ferneyhough
(Professor of Psychology, Durham University)

A story of the mind is a story of what makes us human, one informed by the best science of the day and by a humanistic understanding of the contingencies of life and history. What is the role of storytelling in this endeavour? Is there a connection between the emergence of both spoken and written language, and the development of the mind? What sort of cultural instrument is literature? And what cognitive faculties does the use of literature employ, and empower? The purpose of this workshop is to explore the place of language, literacy and narrative in human culture, and the role of story-telling about oneself and others.

This one-day event of The Human Mind Project brings together leading academics to discuss the importance of literacy and story-telling in human culture. The workshop will represent a range of opinion from studies of language across the human, social and natural sciences, and encourage an inter-disciplinary discussion on issues such as the emergence and biological basis of both written and spoken language, as well as the relationship between literature and cognition. Please visit for further information.

The Human Mind Project

School of Advanced Study, University of London
Charles Ferneyhough (Professor of Psychology, Durham University)
Event date: 
Wednesday, 9 March 2016 - 12:00am
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