The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Baxandall: The Synecdochic Period Eye

Visual Interests: The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Baxandall: "The Synecdochic Period Eye"

The work of Michael Baxandall (1933-2008) was of profound importance to the study of the visual arts: its impact extended to all branches of the humanities as well as to the social sciences. To commemorate his achievement, the Warburg Institute will host a two-day conference. Invited speakers include Elizabeth Cook (London), Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute), Jan Koenderink (Utrecht), Allan Langdale (University of California at Santa Cruz), Evelyn Lincoln (Brown), Stephen Melville (Ohio State) and Robert Williams (University of California at Santa Barbara).

The Warburg Institute
Kimberly Skelton
Event date: 
Friday, 25 May 2012 - 1:00am
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