Inaugural Arden Shakespeare Lecture by René Weis

The lecture will consider some of the main challenges confronting the editor of Romeo and Juliet. It will reflect on general editorial problems specific to this play, before analysing local issues of commentary, exploring the rationale for preferring some readings to others in the Arden 3 edition. The play’s complex textual layering will be addressed, particularly with regard to the two quartos, Q1 1597 and Q2 1599. These offer very different versions of the text while also being demonstrably linked. And while all major editions of the play are based on Q2, the same editions cannibalise Q1 repeatedly and use its famous stage directions. Why?

René Weis is Professor of English at University College London and a distinguished editor and biographer of Shakespeare.

Institute of English Studies
René Weis
Event date: 
Wednesday, 5 December 2012 - 12:00am
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