The First Sixty Years of the English Goethe Society. A 135th Anniversary Symposium

An English Goethe Society symposium celebrating the society's 135th anniversary

Angus Nicholls (London) and Fabienne Schopf (Stuttgart): Diplomacy, Competition and Crisis: The English Goethe Society 1886-1914

W. Daniel Wilson (London): Challenges for the English Goethe Society, 1923-1945 (H.G. Fiedler, L.A. Willoughby, W. Rose)

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Angus Nicholls (QMUL), Fabienne Schopf (Stuttgart), Daniel Wilson (RHUL). Chairs/Discussants: Jeremy Adler (KCL), Kevin Hilliard (Oxford) and Jim Reed (Oxford)
Event date: 
Friday, 26 February 2021 - 3:00pm