Epigenetics and New Perspectives of Inheritance - Motherhood in post-1968 European Women’s Writing

Motherhood in post-1968 European Women’s Writing
Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogues

Epigenetics and New Perspectives of Inheritance (Chair: Gill Rye, French, IMLR)

Clare Hanson (English, Southampton): Reconfiguring Inheritance: Red Dust Road as a Post-Genomic Text

Gabriele Griffin (Women’s Studies, York): Identity Matters: Donor Offsprings’ Narratives of Self and their Implications for Epigenetic Debates

Ruth Cain (Law, Kent): Risk, Choice and the Toxic Womb: ‘Obesogenic’ Maternal Behaviour and the Rhetoric of the New Degeneration

About the Project
The Network is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK) and is based at the Centre for Contemporary Women’s Writing at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London.

Who is involved?
The aim of the Network is to initiate cross-cultural, transnational, and interdisciplinary dialogue on motherhood. It is bringing together researchers from the UK and Europe studying motherhood in contemporary European literatures, with researchers and practitioners working on motherhood from philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology, ethnography, politics and law, as well as art and film studies.

How does it work?
Through a series of workshops, online resources and activities, readings, and a major conference and exhibition, the Network is exploring what representations and narratives of motherhood in women-authored literatures may have to offer different disciplines engaged in the study of motherhood and mothering. Further, we are considering ways in which these discussions can feed into wider social, cultural, and political discourses, thereby contributing to the impact agenda.

What will the outcomes be?
The Network will generate an edited book publication, as well as ongoing online resources and other forms of knowledge transfer dissemination, such as an anthology of literature, media activity, and social networking.

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Chair: Gill Rye (French, IMLR) , Clare Hanson (English, Southampton), Gabriele Griffin (Women’s Studies, York) & Ruth Cain (Law, Kent)
Event date: 
Friday, 25 October 2013 - 1:00am
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