Contemporary Women’s Writing and the Medical Humanities - Seminar 6

Seminar Six

Disability Narratives

Guest Chair: Hannah Thompson (Royal Holloway)

Sarah Simpson (Edinburgh): ‘Intellectual Disability and Undertones of Eugenics in Amparo Dávila’s Óscar’

Katja Herges (Tübingen): ‘Affect, Politics and Gender in Women’s Writing about ALS and Dying’

Christina Lee (King’s College London): ‘Beautiful Lyme: Mindful Crip Aesthetics and the Art of Being Sick’

Alice Hill Woods (York) - 'Autopathography as (eco)biosocial resistance: Aurora Levins Morales’s Kindling'

Institute of Modern Languages Research
Sarah Simpson (Edinburgh); Katja Herges (Tübingen); Christina Lee (King’s College London); Alice Hill Woods (York); Chair: Hannah Thompson (Royal Holloway)
Event date: 
Tuesday, 1 December 2020 - 5:30pm