Culture, language and literature

Speaker(s): Robin Robertson
Friday 16 July 2010
Speaker(s): Christopher Pressler
Tuesday 18 October 2011
Speaker(s): Sir Christopher Frayling (Cambridge)
Thursday 3 November 2011
Speaker(s): Professor Ian Maclean (All Souls College, Oxford)
Wednesday 11 May 2011
Speaker(s): Professor Pat Rogers, School Visiting Professorial Fellow, School of Advanced Study Chaired by Professor Mike Edwards, Deputy Dean for the School of Advanced Study
Wednesday 9 June 2010
Speaker(s): Cynthia Schoch
Friday 22 July 2011
Speaker(s): Michael Dwyer
Thursday 21 July 2011
Speaker(s): Nick Caistor & Margaret Jull Costa
Tuesday 19 July 2011
Speaker(s): Ros Schwartz & Kirsty Dunseath
Monday 18 July 2011
Speaker(s): Adrian Johns (University of Chicago; Chair, Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science)
Tuesday 28 June 2011