Visualizing and experiencing past cities in 3D: Methods, opportunities and challenges

A keynote lecture of the ICS summer school in 3D Imaging and Modelling for Classics and Cultural Heritage

Since the early modern period, visual reconstructions of buildings in ruin have been created by antiquarians, architects and artists. These drawings and physical 3D models have served a variety of purposes, from documenting a fast-disappearing reality, to understanding the principles of ancient architecture, to creating evocative and imaginary places. The introduction of digital media has made an unprecedented range of tools available to document different kinds of archaeological and historical evidence in 3D and to visualize reconstruction hypotheses. If 3D modelling has opened up new opportunities for research and communication purposes that were unthinkable before, it has posed conceptual and methodological challenges.

In this talk I will draw on my own experience in visualizing cities, individual houses and the objects within them to discuss different modelling techniques, the new research possibilities that 3D reconstructions enable in archaeology and history and the challenges that arise during their creation.

Institute of Classical Studies
Chiara Piccoli
Event date: 
Friday, 9 July 2021 - 5:00pm