Linked Pasts 6 Keynote: Tanks, TNT and Triples: Using Linked Open Data and Semantic Technologies to Reconstruct Past Lives and Events

The Internet was created 30 years ago and we are still at the beginning of a digital revolution that is rapidly changing our world. We can also admire paintings by Vincent van Gogh or read Pride and Prejudice, we can even research the Inmate Archives of Concentration Camp Dachau without ever leaving our homes. Researchers, art lovers, genealogists, Wikipedians, school kids and teachers have become digitally savvy and are using the Internet as their main, if not only, source for Information. The digital revolution has also changed the way people consume heritage.

It has taken Heritage Institutes some time to build up relations with new digital audiences. Most Institutes have Websites and Social Media Channels, but only a fraction of all collections has been digitized and access to digitized collections is limited and complex. The Dutch Network War Collections (WW2) was founded to find and connect all heritage collections online about the Second World War in the Netherlands and the Dutch People involved. The Network has connected over 200 Collections and made more than 11 million objects and 330.000 persons available using Linked Open Data, Semantic Interoperability and Search Algorithms.

In this presentation Lizzy Jongma, former Data Manager of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, will talk about Linked Open Data, Semantic Technologies and Search Algorithms that can help connect disconnected heritage. Create new research data and help answer new research questions and can even help build new Interfaces for Heritage online.

Institute of Classical Studies
Lizzy Jongma, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam
Event date: 
Wednesday, 9 December 2020 - 2:00pm