Early History and Landscapes of Rome seen from the Palatine

Since 1985 we have been investigating the northern slopes of the Palatine, aiming to recover its physical lay-out, and to map the extent and environment of disappeared ancient landscapes, as the basis for reconstructing historical interpretations and narrative. Integration and reconstruction have been fundamental to our research which has merged and combined the traditional methods, techniques and operating procedures typical of Ancient Topography and Classical Archaeology.

I shall be discussing some recent results which contribute to debate over the ancient topography of the Palatine Hill and the identification and location of a certain number of monuments. We have been able to produce new reconstructions based on excavation data which have allowed us to compile a “tale of the landscape” by correlating changes attested by material remains to other information. The main controversies about early Rome, including the origin of the city itself can now be considered in the light of new evidence.

ICS/BSR Rome London Lecture

Paolo Carafa (La Sapienza, Rome)
Event date: 
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 - 5:00pm
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