The University of London Press builds on a century of publishing tradition with its current programme of cutting-edge humanities research. We are a non-profit, predominantly open access university press with a mission to support humanities researchers through our work and partnerships.

As part of the School of Advanced Study in the University of London, we receive a special funding strand from Research England to support the School’s mission of research, promotion and facilitation for humanities research nationally. The majority of our books are published as open access to support the broadest dissemination and global access to our publishing programme, and we are interested in emerging models of open access publication. All our open access titles are also published in print, both hardback and paperback editions, and go through a rigorous peer review process to ensure our publications are high-quality. Where necessary, we also publish non-open access titles – for example, projects where there is a significant amount of third-party material included in the book which would limit its publication as an open access edition. To date, our open access titles have been downloaded more than 500,000 times globally. 

Our publishing programme spans key humanities disciplines, including History, Literature, Modern Languages, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Classical Studies, Law, Art History and Cultural Studies, and we are interested in expanding our list in areas such as Digital Humanities and Environmental Humanities. We publish monographs, edited collections, short-form books (20-50,000 words) and a selection of open access journals .

We offer authors a personal, supportive and professional publishing experience – if you have a proposal you’d like to discuss, please see our page on publishing with us.



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Publishing at the University of London has a long history dating back to the early 20th century. The original University of London Press was founded in 1910, and later, in 1949, the famous Athlone Press was launched. Athlone Press boasted a remarkable and varied publishing program featuring many notable contemporary thinkers, including art historian, Ernst Gombrich; the Liberal archbishop of Canterbury (1904-1988), Michael Ramsey; historian, Sir Stephen Runciman; astrophysicist, Cecilia Payne-Gasposchkin; and socialist campaigner, G.D.H. Cole. In 1979, Athlone Press fell victim to cutbacks and the name was sold off, prompting a backlash in the national media. With the upsurge in university press publishing, the trademark has now been reacquired and brought back into use, and the new University of London Press was relaunched in 2019.

Having previously solely supported the publishing strategies of the various Institutes based in the School of Advanced Study, the University of London Press is now expanding its publishing programme to support the School’s mission to promote humanities research and training nationally. 

We are a non-profit, mission-led humanities publisher of predominantly open access titles, with 3 OA Law journals and a number of book series across History, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Law, Human Rights, Literature, Art History and Modern Languages. We are primarily supported by a special funding strand from Research England to cover a small team of staff and our publishing programme, with income from print book sales being reinvested back into humanities research and future publishing. We run training events within the School of Advanced Study for humanities researchers, and have a strong focus on developing new publishing models which support the unique needs of humanities research.

We are also part of the recently launched EvenUP initiative, along with several other university presses, with a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in both our organisation and publishing practices and the research and authors we publish.

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