The School and its institutes offer a variety of online research skills tutorials. We have also listed below selected online research training offered by providers external to the School that you might find useful.

Study Online

An internal resource for students of the School

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Online Research Training

External online research training

A multiplicity of online research training is available elsewhere:

  • Vitae is a national organisation that exists to 'realise the potential of researchers' and offers lots of online advice and guidance, plus occasional face-to-face training opportunities, to researchers at all levels. There is a particular emphasis on employability and careers, which you might find helpful.
  • The Institute of Education's Academic Writing Centre offers advice, guidance and support for students in the realisation of their written work.
  • Birkbeck offers online training and its packages on research ethics, for instance, are especially helpful.

We are happy to add to the list above. Please email Kremena Velinova if you come across anything you think might be useful for others.