Institute of Historical Research Networks

Name of network/collaboration Type of network/collaboration
Creative Cities, Creative Industries International Network
Greater London Historic Environment Research Strategy Research network
London Journal Research Related, National
Records of Early English Drama International network
Landscape and Townscape National Network
Porta Historica International Network
Bloomsbury Digitisation Network Local network
Network of expert centres National Network
National Postgraduate Training Days National Network
European Historical Bibliographies International Network
CHALICE project Research network International Network
International Commission on the Historical Sciences (the IHR is now the national co-ordinator for the UK) International Network
The National Archives, Kew, informal advisory group National Network
Pears Institute for the Study of Anti- Semitism (Birkbeck College) Holocaust Memorial day annual lecture International Network
Anglo-Japanese Conference (triennial, Tokyo University) International Network
East Asian Society of British History (Kumamoto University, Japan/Gwangju University, South Korea) International Network
Nanjing University (MA & PhD exchange programme in planning) International Network
Melbourne University, Australia (MA programme in planning) International Network
Fudan University, China (summer school in planning) International Network
Peking University [PKU], Beijing (triennial conference) International Network
Russian Academy of the Social Sciences (triennial conference) International Network