Funded by a generous endowment by Dr ST Lee, of Singapore, this Fellowship is awarded to professorial (or equivalent) status, for the purpose of supporting research in London in any field relevant to the work of one or more of the School’s nine research institutes and the Human Rights Consortium. This fellowship scheme is by invitation only.

ST Lee Fellow 2017-18

The School of Advanced Study and the Institute of Philosophy would like to welcome Professor Paul Harris as the 2017 ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellow. Prof Harris is currently Victor S. Thomas Professor of Education at Harvard and is interested in the early development of cognition, emotion, and imagination. He is currently studying how young children judge what they are told about the world—especially when the claims are hard to check because they pertain to the past, the future, hidden causal processes, or the existence of extraordinary beings.

Prof Harris will be speaking at a series of events nationwide, finishing with a workshop hosted by the Institute of Philosophy at Senate House on Tuesday 23 May entitled ‘The role of ignorance: using metacognitive attributions in epistemology and psychology’.


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