by Mererid Puw Davies


A timely and provocative analysis of counter culture literary protest.
The 1960s protest movements marked an astonishing moment for West Germany distinctive for their overwhelming emphasis on culture and the symbolic. In particular, reading and writing had a uniquely prestigious status for West German protesters, who produced an extraordinary textual culture ranging from graffiti and flyers to agit-prop poetry and autobiographical prose, representative of moments and preoccupations in anti-authoritarian culture, from the Vietnam War to the Nazi past to dirt and hygiene. In addition, they uncover some of the texts’ latent content, revealing their often hidden tensions and contradictions, above all in relation to the German past and questions of authority. 

Bibliographical Information

Imprint: Institute for Modern Language Research
Publisher: University of London
Paperback ISBN: 9780854572519
Date of Publication: December 2016
Number of Pages: 282


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