Statement on Research Integrity

The School recognises that its academic staff are respected scholars who need to be working at the cutting edge of research in their chosen fields. Through their personal engagement in research, they are better able to identify and nurture important developments in those areas, contributing to the role of the School in promoting new research agendas.

Our research strategy identifies cross-institute strengths and creates new research clusters in addition to enhancing those which already exist.

We have been highly successful in attracting external funding from research councils and a variety of public and private bodies, and we intend to continue this by developing new strategies and collaborations. (SAS Strategic Framework).

The School is committed to carrying out its research within a comprehensive ethical framework. (SAS Research Ethics Policy). We expect all our researchers, students, fellows and staff to uphold the highest professional standards of research integrity:

  • All researchers are expected to be honest in respect of their own actions in research and in their responses to the actions of other researchers. This applies to the whole range of research, including generating and analysing data, publishing results, and acknowledging the direct and indirect contributions of colleagues. 
  • Plagiarism, deception or the falsification or fabrication of results is regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.
  • All researchers are encouraged to report cases of suspected misconduct and to do so in a responsible and appropriate manner.
  • All researchers must declare any real or potential conflicts of interest before undertaking their research.

See our Code of Good Practice in Research [PDF] for more details.

Research Integrity Annual Statements

In July 2012, Universities UK published the Concordat to Support Research Integrity , a comprehensive national framework for good research conduct and its governance. HEFCE, NIHR, RCUK and the Wellcome Trust are included among its signatories, and HEFCE has stipulated that compliance with the Concordat is a condition of the HEFCE grants.

The Concordat’s 5th commitment requires in particular that the University should present a short annual statement to its governing body that:

  1. Provides a summary of actions and activities that have been undertaken to support and strengthen understanding and application of research integrity issues;
  2. Provides assurances that the processes they have in place for dealing with allegations of misconduct are transparent, robust and fair, and that they continue to be appropriate to the needs of the organisation;
  3. Provides a high level statement on any formal investigations of research misconduct that have been undertaken

To improve accountability, and provide assurances that measures being taken continue to support consistently high standards of research integrity, this statement will be made publicly available.

The School’s statements are published below.


Download the 2021 Research Integrity Annual Statement here [PDF]


Download the 2020 Research Integrity Annual Statement here [PDF]


Download the 2019 Research Integrity Annual Statement here [PDF]


Download the 2018 Research Integrity Annual Statement here [PDF]