Research Case Studies: Digital

Wartime propaganda that ran its own Cool Britannia

Dr Christopher Bannister discusses his recent discovery during his research into the activities of the MoI in Latin America

Putting YOUR London on the map

 The Layers of London project aims to create a platform for everyone to add information about the London they know.

Born-digital big data and approaches for arts and humanities research

What kinds of questions will big data allow us to ask and answer? How can we ensure this material is collected and preserved in such a way that it meets the requirement of humanities researchers? These are two of the questions addressed by a 12-month ‘Born-digital big data’ international research project led by Jane Winters

Cross-cultural afterlife of classical sites

Dr Valeria Vitale and Dr Gabriel Bodard explain the research behind the Cross-cultural After-Life of Classical Sites project, which aimed to extend our knowledge of the cultural complexity of many classical sites


The King of King's Cross

Dr Philip Carter considers the life of Henry Croft – founder of the Pearly Kings, and a late-Victorian resident of King’s Cross – who features in the development's marketing campaign