Our discipline-specific, generic and online research training programme draws on the research and teaching expertise of our institutes and the University of London.

We offer well-established discipline-specific research training (most notably in history, law, English and modern languages) as well as in specialist areas (palaeography, book history, Renaissance culture, medieval manuscript studies).

Our workshop programme of generic research and transferable skills training provides the transferable and employability skills necessary for wider preparation for careers in academia and elsewhere. These are complemented by research methodologies courses for students in the social science disciplines, and in the software and management information tools required to enable students to complete their research effectively. Training covering research promotion through social media is also available.

Most of our research training is available to postgraduate students and early-career researchers across the UK, much of it free-of-charge. 

We are also a member of the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network, a shared skills training programme that enables research students in participating institutions to attend training sessions at other member institutions, including UCL, Birkbeck and SOAS.

The School is, together with King’s College London and UCL, part of the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP) – the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) consortium under which the School is able to offer funding for doctoral studentships.

You can view our full list of research training sessions or click on the categories below to view a filtered list of each type of research training. 



Knowledge and Skills

Including project management, using social media, introduction to fieldwork, overviews of digital resources, research software training, working in archives, and more.


Personal Effectiveness and Well-being

Including SAS multidisciplinary PhD research seminars, project management, introduction to fieldwork, archives and library training, conducting interviews for oral history, and more.


Research Organisation

Including data protection and research data, introduction to fieldwork, SAS multidisciplinary PhD research seminars, archives and library training, theories and methodologies for research in modern languages, and more.


Communication, Influence and Impact

Including using social media, SAS multidisciplinary PhD research seminars, archives and library training, conducting interviews for oral history, and more.


Online Research Training

The School and its institutes offer a variety of online research skills tutorials.




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