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Research Ethics - Policies and Guidance

The School of Advanced Study is part of the University of London which is committed to carrying out its research, teaching, consultancy and other activities within a comprehensive ethical framework.

The University’s principles are applicable to all research, consultancy projects and studies conducted at, by, or in the name of University of London and aim to provide current and prospective members with a clear understanding of the ethical review process operated by the University.

SAS ethical framework

The University’s Policy is managed and monitored by the University Research Ethics Committee, which may decide to develop additional guidance or policies as code of practices across the UK and the worldwide research landscape evolve.

Guidance on using online platforms in research:

Using online platforms, including social media, when undertaking research, download:

Guidance on travel arrangements and travel risk assessment:

Travel planning arrangement guidance and risk assessment form [PDF] [UPDATE]

Essential guidance for research projects in light of the COVID-19 pandemic [PDF]

Research Ethics Module - to be completed prior to all new ethical approval applications

The Research Ethics Module is mandatory for anyone who wishes to undertake research at the University of London and must be completed before the submission of the ethical assessment form.

Staff and fellows (from both inside and outside the University of London) as well as University of London Worldwide students: the Research Ethics Training Module has moved from PORT to RESHAPED.

Access via RESHAPED and you need to set up an account. Once you have done that, you will need to visit the URL:

School of Advanced Study students should use Study online

The course, which only needs to be taken once, guides participants through ethical considerations as well as internal processes to secure approval, whatever the circumstances. Any technical issues should be addressed to the learning technology team via

You can email for assistance.

SAS initial self-evaluation

Once they have complete the mandatory Research Ethics Module and passed the assessment test, anyone undertaking research at the School/University is asked to review the University Research Ethics Policy and the relevant approval process and guidance document (i.e., Appendix 1, 2, or 3) and undergo an initial self-evaluation, this must be emailed to once completed.

Data Management

The documents below are to be used depending on the needs of your research:

Contact SAS Research Services team

Email for assistance.