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Externally Funded Fellowships

For researchers exploring fellowships offered by external funding bodies, charities and institutions.

In addition to exploring the School’s own fellowship schemes, we encourage researchers to investigate fellowships offered by external funding bodies, charities and institutions. Some of the best known of these include:

This list is not exhaustive and the School welcomes applications under any scheme that is relevant and appropriate.

University protocols when applying to an externally funded scheme

The following protocols must be observed by researchers wishing to hold an externally funded fellowship at the School.

1.  Deadline minus three months. You are advised to discuss your proposal with the Institute Director this far in advance of submission so that she/he has proper time to discuss with you matters such as what University resources are required to support the proposed work, etc. The Director’s (or equivalent) approval is required and the institute administrator/manager and the Research Services should be notified if/when approved. When contacting a possible host institute, applicants are asked to ensure that their expression of interest [word doc] is submitted with the following:

  • Confirmation of the applicant's eligibility for the scheme in question.
  • Details of the proposed fellowship project, including title, a project description with aims/objectives, deliverables, and timeframe (500 words maximum).
  • Contact details of two referees.

2. Deadline minus five weeks. Approval of the proposal by an institute director is required by this time. (Only the director of an institute can approve a proposal on behalf of the institute.) You must also confirm with Research Services of your intention to apply. If your proposal is approved, we will help you prepare your application materials and for any interview(s) required by the scheme.

3. Deadline minus four weeks. Once approved by an institute director, the application will need to be passed on to the School’s Research Services office for peer review (which takes 5 working days). The application will also need to be consistent with the School's Research Ethics Policy and undergo a risk assessment. Contact to cost the proposal, which take five working days.

4. Deadline minus three weeks. Most funders require that applications be completed and submitted online at the funder's website. Applicants will need to ensure that:

  • ​They are registered on the relevant funder’s system
  • Sufficient time is given to the School's Research Services office to review application and submit on behalf of the applicant (if required).

5. Deadline minus one week. Final institutional sign off is required. All paperwork must be complete and submitted to Research Services five working days before the submission deadline at the latest. All final paperwork must be uploaded on the relevant submission portal to ensure all final checks can be undertaken and final approval (online) can be given.

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