Women and the Law

Susan Atkins and Baroness Brenda Hale
30 September 2018
234 × 156 mm
284 pp
Paperback: 978-1-911507-10-9
PDF: 978-1-911507-12-3

Women And The Law is a pioneering study of the way in which the law has treated women – at work, in the family, in matters of sexuality and fertility, and in public life. Originally published in 1984, this seminal text is one that truly deserves its 'groundbreaking' moniker. Predating many key moments in contemporary feminist history, it was written before Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble; before Naomi Klein’s The Beauty Myth, with the term ‘feminist jurisprudence’ having only been coined three years earlier. It went on to inspire a legion of women lawyers and feminist legal rulings, from the Family Law Act 1996 to the legal definition of ‘violence’ (Yemshaw v. LB Hounslow 2011). This 2018 edition comes with a new foreword by Susan Atkins and provides a timely analysis of women in law forty years on, how much has changed and the work still left to do.

Table of contents: 
A note on the 2018 edition 
2018 foreword 


Women in society 
1 The historical legacy 
2 Equality at work 
3 Beyond equality of opportunity

The private domain 
4 Sexuality 
5 Motherhood 
6 Breadwinners and homemakers: partners or dependants? 
7 Power and violence in the home 
8 The case against marriage? 

The state and women’s rights 
9 The welfare state: social security and taxation
10 Women as citizens