Vicissitudes: Histories and Destinies of Psychoanalysis

Edited by Naomi Segal and Sharon Kivland
21 December 2012
229 × 152 × 18 mm
354 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-234-2
Academics, analysts and artists are gathered together in this illustrated volume, which celebrates the culmination of a two-year project at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies to discover and debate current issues in psychoanalysis in the arts and humanities across five language-fields in Europe and beyond. The twenty-four essays include surveys of psychoanalytic thought in areas speaking French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; the work of eight artists, ranging from found objects in Marseilles or the figure of Gradiva on a manhole cover to the life of Le Corbusier, the lightest object in the world and words on a glass wall; and eight academic essays, including studies of humour in child therapy, Freud in Argentina, sibling trauma in the Schreber family and psychoanalysis in the university curriculum.