Three Essays on the 'Hildebrandslied'

Frederick Norman and edited by A. T. Hatto
1 December 1973
220 × 140 mm
94 pp
Hardback: 978-0-85457-052-2

All who have concerned themselves seriously with Germanic heroic poetry will know the name of Frederick Norman, and they will know it for the quality rather than the quantity of what he wrote. The three essays in this volume were written when Norman was forty, sixty-one and sixty-six years old. The first is enlivened by the lingering zest of youth and by measured iconoclasm. A born rebel, Norman nevertheless knew where demolition should stop, proof of which is found in the warm response of Andreas Heusler to the gift of an offprint. In his second essay, Norman was able to stand back and survey the text as guarantee of a once-existent whole, always with due regard to the wider poetic tradition. The third, which inevitably covers much the same ground, shows a change of mood no doubt occasioned in part by the change from English to German, but also by the passage of a lustrum that brought him within sight of retirement.

Table of contents: 
A.T. Hatto: Introduction
W.D. Robson-Scott: Frederick Norman: Curriculum Vitae
Frederick Norman: Some Problems of the Hildebrandslied
Frederick Norman: Hildebrand and Hadubrand
Frederick Norman: Das Lied vom Alten Hildebrand
Andreas Heusler: A Letter to F. Norman