Terrorism and Asylum: RLI Working Paper Series Mini-volume (31-36)

Edited by James C. Simeon
11 January 2019
297 × 210 mm
60 pp
Paperback: 978-1-912250-19-6
PDF: 978-1-912250-20-2
The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) ‘Working Papers’ are a web-based research series focusing on the protection of refugees and other displaced persons in law and practice. They provide a means for the rapid dissemination of preliminary research results and other work in progress. This resource is particularly intended to facilitate initial distribution and discussion of high quality postgraduate research prior to eventual peer-review publication.

Opinions expressed in individual Working Papers are solely those of the author/s, who retain the copyright. They do not represent the views of the RLI, and should not be attributed to it. Any correspondence on individual Working Papers should be directed to the author and not to the RLI. RLI Working Papers are prominently displayed on the RLI website as a resource for scholars and practitioners worldwide. They are also stored in SAS-Space, which records the date deposited.