Germanic studies

Edited by Joyce Crick, Martin Liebscher, and Martin Swales
January 1, 2010

Derived from a symposium at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies in Michael Hamburger’s memory, this volume explores his poetry and creative prose, his translations, the ‘person’ and his world. His scholarly writing was one element in his work, his jargon-free criticism retaining an undiminished urgency, freshness and vital literacy. His poetry ranges itself against the tracks and mechanisms of monstrous order, and seeks to mark out a territory where some kind of value can be disclosed, both within and beyond the poetry. As a translator, Hamburger asks the reader to hear between the lines of English poetry the German text, the text that stretches the length and changes the rhythm of the English sentence....

Marcel Reich-Ranicki
January 1, 2001
'Literarische Quartetts'-Kritiker liest Auszüge aus seinem Buch 'Mein Leben' (Stuttgart, 1999), in dem er sich als temperamentvoller und und anschaulicher Erzähler sowie als unbestechlicher Zeuge des Jahrhunderts bewährt. 
Rüdiger Görner
January 1, 1999
Inaugural Lecture delivered on 10 June 1999 at the University of London Senate House.