Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America: New Perspectives and Challenges

Edited by Ana Margheritis
31 August 2018
229 × 152 mm
250 pp
Paperback: 978-1-908857-45-3

With its focus on Latin America and Europe, two world regions historically linked by human mobility and cultural exchange, this insightful interdisciplinary examination of their changing international migration patterns demonstrates how they are now responding to significant demographic changes and new migration trends.

The volume examines strategies pursued by state and non-state actors to address the political and policy implications of mobility, and asks to what extent is cross-regional migration effectively managed today, and how it could be improved. Its chapters provide an integrated and comparative view of the links between the two regions and highlight the formal and informal interstices through which migration journeys are negotiated and shaped.

Table of contents: 
Mark Thurner
Part 1. Framing the debate 
1. Introduction. Transatlantic migration flows, policies and practices in the 21st century 
Ana Margheritis
2. Framing understandings of international migration: how governance actors make sense of migration in Europe and South America
Andrew Geddes and Marcia Vera Espinoza
Part 2. Homemaking, ideas and institutions in a transatlantic journey
3. Citizenship in Latin America from a comparative historical perspective: evolution and Spanish influences
Diego Acosta
4. Diaspora engagement policies and migrants’ narratives across the Atlantic
Ana Irene Rovetta Cortés
5. South American regional citizenship as figurative frontier: European influences on a political project in the making
Ana Margheritis
Part 3. Agent-structure dynamics in contemporary migration flows
6. Don’t call me a ‘victim’! Migration projects and sexual exploitation of Brazilian travestis in Europe 
Emanuela Abbatecola
7. Latin American women and Italian families: agency beyond structural constraints and exploitation 
Maurizio Ambrosini
8. Agency, structure and transnationalism in Colombian migration to the UK: the emergence of a migration system? 
Anastasia Bermudez
Part 4. Conclusions 
9. Looking ahead 
David Owen