Selected Essays on Medieval German Literature

K. C. King and edited by John L. Flood and A. T. Hatto
1 December 1975
220 × 140 mm
229 pp
Hardback: 978-0-85457-063-8

The loss of Kenneth King in November 1970 could not have made itself more deeply felt. It came without warning and when he was at the height of his powers both as a scholar and administrator. This selection of his essays was collected in his honour, and reflects the three areas of medieval German studies which lay particularly close to King's heart: the beginnings of Christianity in Germany, the work of Hartmann von Aue, and heroic poetry. Two qualities were outstanding in King's conduct of his life both as a man and a scholar: diffidence and courage. Out of respect for the natural diffidence of their author, the essays are presented with only introductory comment.

Table of contents: 
John L. Flood and A.T. Hatto: Introduction
K.C. King: Siegfried’s Fight with the Dragon in the Edda and the Hürnen Seyfrid (1937)
K.C. King: Das Lied vom Hürnen Seyfrid: The Printers and Orthography of a Sixteenth-Century German Text (1952)
K.C. King: On Motives and Literary Sources in German Heroic Literature (1957)
K.C. King: Das strophische Gedicht von Herzog Ernst (1959)
K.C. King: The Earliest German Monasteries (1961)
K.C. King: The Message of the Nibelungenlied – a Reply (1962)
K.C. King: Zur Frage der Schuld in Hartmanns Gregorius (1963)
K.C. King: The Mother’s Guilt in Hartmann’s Gregorius (1965)
K.C. King: On the Naming of Places in Heroic Literature. Some examples from the Nibelungenlied (1967)
J. Knight Bostock: The Message of the Nibelungenlied
Curriculum Vitae