Roman Military Diplomas: v. 4 (BICS Supplement 82)

Margaret M. Roxan and Paul Holder
1 November 2003
296 × 210 mm
333 pp
Paperback: 978-0-900587-93-1
This volume presents 121 complete and fragmentary diplomas ranging in date from AD 61 to AD 245. 69 of these diplomas have not previously been published.

These and most of the published diplomas had been worked on by Margaret Roxan. Nine have been prepared by Paul Holder who has also standardized entries and updated references and notes where necessary.

Among the appendixes and indexes are a new ‘Revised chronology of diplomas’ and updated witness lists.

This volume continues Margaret Roxan’s Roman Military Diplomas 1954–77 (1978), 1978-84 (1985) and 1985-93 (1994) which were published as Occasional Papers (Nos 2, 9 and 14) of the Institute of Archaeology, University of London. This new volume, volume IV, follows the format and continues the numbering of the diplomas and the pagination of the preceding volumes.