Rethinking Past and Present in Cuba: essays in memory of Alistair Hennessy

Edited by Antoni Kapcia
17 March 2018
250 pp
Paperback: 978-1-908857-41-5

This collection of essays and research articles has been designed, by its breadth of expertise and discipline, to pay suitable homage to the seminal influence and contribution made by the late Alistair Hennessy towards the development of Cuban studies. For that reason, it includes a judicious mixture of the old and the new, including several of the leading and internationally well-established experts on Cuban history, politics and culture, but also some up-and-coming researchers in the field; that mixture and the combination of topics (some addressing the past directly, others assessing the present within a historical context) reflects Hennessy’s own cross-disciplinary and open-minded approach to the study of the history of Cuba. 

Preface. In memory of Alistair Hennessy  

Antoni Kapcia

 1. Spanish republicanism and the colonial empire: Alistair Hennessey and Spain's democratic revolution

Christopher Schmidt-Nowara

2. Rethinking pathways to the Cuban past

Louis A. Pérez, Jr.     

3. The origins of Cuban socialism

Fernando Martínez Heredia

4. Persuading parliament: Rafael María de Labra, Spanish colonial policy and the abolitionist debate (July 1871)

Catherine Davies

5. Ethnic whitening processes and the politics of race, labour and national identity in colonial Cuba: a case study of Irish immigrants, 1818–45

Margaret Brehony                             

6. From Hispanic essays to modern reporting: the evolution of Cuban journalism, considered through the figure of Justo de Lara

Jordi Garrell       

7. The changing shape of Cuban cinema: a report and a reflection                       

Michael Chanan

 8. A mixed economy of labour in a changing Cuba

Steve Ludlam

9. What’s in a name? Emigrant Cubans since 1959 and the curious evolution of discourse 

Antoni Kapcia                   

10. Decentering cubanidad. Commodification, cosmopolitanism and diasporic engagement shaping the Cuban migration to post-1989 Western Europe

Catherine Krull and Jean Stubbs