Renaissance Letters and Learning: In Memoriam Giovanni Aquilecchia

Edited by Dilwyn Knox and Nuccio Ordine
12 December 2011
244 × 170 mm
216 pp
Paperback: 978-1-908590-42-8
The essays collected in this volume have been written by friends and colleagues in memory of Giovanni Aquilecchia, Professor of Italian at the University of London. They cover a wide range of subjects, reflecting Aquilecchia’s interests in Giordano Bruno, Pietro Aretino, Torquato Tasso and Renaissance learning and literature in general. They are all works of original scholarship, with new insights into the subjects that they treat. The volume includes a biographical essay by Laura Lepschy and Dilwyn Knox. Most were delivered in a preliminary form at a conference held at the Warburg Institute in memory of Aquilecchia.