Philosophy, Science & Exegesis: In Greek, Arabic & Latin Commentaries (BICS Supplement 83.1)

Edited by Peter Adamson, Han Baltussen, and M.W.F. Stone
1 January 2005
245 × 175 mm
292 pp
Paperback: 978-0-900587-94-8

This two volume Supplement to the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies represents the proceedings of a conference held at the Institute on 27-29 June, 2002 in honour of Richard Sorabji.

These volumes, which are intended to build on the massive achievement of Professor Sorabji’s Ancient Commentators on Aristotle series, focus on the commentary as a vehicle of philosophical and scientific thought.

Volume One deals with the Greek tradition, including one paper on Byzantine philosophy and one on the Latin author Calcidius, who is very close to the late Greek tradition in outlook. The volume begins with an overview of the tradition of commenting on Aristotle and of the study of this tradition in the modern era. It concludes with an up-to-date bibliography of scholarship devoted to the commentators.