The Mycenaean Seminar 2015-16

Edited by Greg Woolf
12 January 2018
16 pp
PDF: 978-1-905670-85-7
Table of contents: 
Francesco Iacono
Beyond those sherds. ‘Aegean’ interaction and central Mediterranean societies in the Middle and Late Bronze age

Vassilis Aravantinos
New discoveries at Mycenaean Thebes

James C. Wright
Iconography and agency in the Mycenaean era

Peter Tomkins
Making p(a)laces, marking differences: the ‘Prepalatial’ origins of the Minoan Palaces (3600–2000 bc)

Dimitri Nakassis
‘Digital Nestor’: Aegean scripts in the twenty-first century

Birgitta Eder
Rise and fall of an early Mycenaean site: Kakovatos in Triphylia

Georgia Flouda
Digging up the past: the Minoan site of Apesokari in the Mesara